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Shelter in Place Masks


onstruction of these cloth masks keeps me close to friends and family in this time of social distancing.  These are not meant to replace the surgical N95 masks worn by healthcare workers.  Designed to be an alternative to those unable to have an N95 mask option, many people are making "homemade" masks and wearing them for quick trips to the grocery store.

Both the pleated version and the shaped Olson mask are constructed out of two layers of quality cotton & one layer of non-woven interfacing.  There is a bendable nose piece for security and comfort, as well as, an insert (pleated: lower edge & shaped: inside edge) area for additional filters.  

According to Business Insider, by adding layers of non-woven blue shop towels and using a design that produces a tighter-fitting mask, up to 95% of the testable particles could be blocked. A simple cotton mask may block 20% to 60% of the particles.
Check with the CDC for additional information on mask recommendations.

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