"Tell Me a Story"


ell Me a Story” quilt was created with 64 foundation paper pieced blocks obtained thru a Block Swap organized by Amy Friend. Quilts patterns (including “Tell Me a Story”) and smaller projects are featured in Amy’s book titled “Intentional Piecing”.  Blocks and stories were “swapped “ across the world and then loosely arranged in a color gradient.  Double batting and tight intermittent quilting gives the entire quilt relief. The “grid “ motif was carried beyond the blocks into the white border.

Here are my contributing blocks and their associated stories:   “Her mother always warned her “Never fall in love with a Surfer” but as soon as she saw him on his board her heart was stolen.” —- “Although most were concerned about the Paleo food chain it was the meteorite in the sparkling Cretaceous night sky that would change their history.”—- “A chorus line of pink elephants joined her on the dance floor as she regretted having that last glass of champagne at her ex’s wedding reception.” —- “The icy saltwater flowed between her toes as she slipped off her flip flops and touched the smooth sea glass with the bottom of her foot.” —- “The over-sized Winnebago’s watched suspiciously as the Mid-century Modern rolled into the KOA.” —- “The early morning ride home from the Chelsea Flower Market along W 28th Street was always an exciting one.”

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